Paper to CAD Conversions: If you don’t have the facilities (or time) to draw your designs on CAD, you can just send me scanned images of your pencil sketches & I will return professionally drawn manufacturing drawings.

DWG files can be supplied to laser cutters: Artistic or dimensionally accurate shapes can be traced or reproduced according to measured dimensions which will be cut out by the laser cutters exactly as drawn.

Components Detailed from Assembly Drawings: If you’ve designed an assembly but don’t want to spend days detailing up the individual components you can send the assembly drawing to me & I will do all the detailing work for you. I can check limits & fits and will dimension & tolerance the components accordingly.

Other: If you’ve got anything at all that you want drawn up to a professional standard, please let me know & I will see what I can do for you !

 remCAD Drawing Services

remCAD Drawing Services

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